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The Challenge to Create Opportunity

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The Challenge
To Create Opportunity

At the University of New Haven we recognize the promise each of our students holds. We work to create an environment that supports their potential, and challenges them to achieve greater heights than they thought possible. We do this by creating opportunities for them – opportunities that build upon our foundation for student success; opportunities that illustrate our commitment to their holistic education; opportunities that breed confidence and cultivate service-minded individuals.

Opportunities require resources, particularly in the form of financial aid. More than 90 percent of our full-time undergraduate students receive some form of financial assistance. The average annual debt incurred by our students is $7,151, for a four-year total of just over $28,000. This is far less than at other comparable schools, but it is still too high. Our students’ financial needs far exceed the University’s current resources.

To continue attracting the most talented students in an increasingly competitive market, and to preserve access for deserving students, the University seeks $12 million in endowed funds to support scholarships.

You can help make a University of New Haven education accessible for more students who have financial needs. Consider contributing towards an existing endowed scholarship through your annual gift, a multi-year pledge, or a legacy gift from your estate, or creating a new endowed scholarship.

See below for three ways to create a new endowed scholarship fund at the University of New Haven.

An endowed scholarship generates a perpetual source of income to help students with the cost of their education. As part of setting up an endowed scholarship fund, a donor chooses the criteria, such as a field of study, for the students who will benefit. Once the endowed fund is established, the donors receive information about each recipient.

Endowed fellowships help the University recruit and retain graduate students who need financial assistance to attend the University. An endowed fellowship provides ongoing resources for a stipend, conference participation, and research materials that are awarded to one graduate student at a time. Once the endowed fund is established, the donors receive information about each recipient.

A full tuition endowed scholarship enables the University to recruit top students who are academically strong leaders in need of substantial financial aid to attend college. This type of endowed fund provides sufficient income to cover the full cost of tuition and fees for an undergraduate student. Once the endowed fund is established, the donors receive information about each student recipient.

Get Involved

To establish your own named endowed scholarship or fellowship, please contact Vice President for Advancement Steve Morin at smorin@newhaven.edu or (203) 932-7268.