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The Challenge to Innovate

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The Challenge to Innovate

A Place to Collaborate

The University of New Haven is a pace-setter in higher education. We look to the future, crafting cutting-edge strategies designed to put our students and their success first.

The Bergami Center for Science, Technology, and Innovation will do just that. The new project-based collaborative learning center will be student-focused, full of spaces created to encourage ingenuity, facilitate teamwork, and spur growth. Our students’ critical problem-solving skills will guide them here, a place where they will generate ideas and develop into society’s leaders.

We seek $35 million to build the Bergami Center for Science, Technology, and Innovation, and to expand and renovate existing facilities that aim to foster innovation amongst our students.

You can be a part of developing this collaborative approach to learning. Consider contributing to this new facility through a one-time gift or a multi-year pledge.

Engineering Students


Innovation is more than new spaces. To put our students and their futures first, we also need resources to support student research initiatives.

We seek $5 million to endow the Bergami Center Research Fund, to ensure we can provide the resources necessary to support creative student experimentation and innovation.

In addition, we seek $1 million to support the startup phase of the Bergami Center.

Help us provide opportunities for our students to experience a discovery-based education suited to their research interests. Consider contributing towards student research through your annual gift, a multi-year pledge, or a legacy gift from your estate.

Students Around Computer


For our students to have successful educational and research experiences, we must also support our faculty in their own scholarship endeavors. The University of New Haven has traditionally been an excellent teaching institution, and now, in recent years, we have added a strong emphasis on research.

We seek $5 million in endowed funds to expand our faculty research efforts in key areas, including science, technology, and innovation.

Support us as we continue to cultivate a culture of scholarship amongst our valued faculty. Consider contributing towards faculty research through your annual gift, a multi-year pledge, or a legacy gift from your estate.

Get Involved

To learn how you can help us meet these challenges, please contact Vice President for Advancement Steve Morin at smorin@newhaven.edu or (203) 932-7268.