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The Challenge to Innovate

The Innovation Center
The Challenge to Innovate

A Groundbreaking Facility

The University of New Haven has a proud tradition of innovating to advance education. We have always tried to look into the future and build bridges to tomorrow.

Now we need to create a facility— call it the “Innovation Center”— a project-based, collaborative learning space that will capture the essence of what we do in experiential learning. It will be a student-oriented resource, in which students will invent, develop, and grow. It will be a place where teams of students work together on projects that are designed not only to educate, but also to help shape a better world.

We seek $35 million to build and equip the Innovation Center and to expand and renovate existing facilities.

Engineering Students


Of course, innovation doesn’t stop at a building. We need to provide support for innovation, especially in research activities that involve students.

We also seek $5 million to endow the Innovation Center Research Fund, to ensure that we can provide the resources necessary to support student experimentation and innovation.

In addition, we seek $1 million in expendable funds to support the ramping-up phase of the Innovation Center’s work.

Students Around Computer


And finally, we recognize our obligation to reinforce and extend the ongoing research of the faculty. We are proud of our success in recent years in attracting significant research grants. We have always been a great teaching institution; in recent years, we have added a strong research capability. Yes, we believe that—like all strong universities—we have an obligation to add to the world’s store of knowledge. But not surprisingly, we put our own spin on that obligation. We do research that engages our students in building the future.

We innovate to promote change: in our students, and in the world.

We seek $5 million in endowed funds to expand our faculty research efforts in key areas, including science, technology and innovation.