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The Challenge To Invest

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The Challenge To Invest

Raising the bar—as the University of New Haven has consistently done in recent years—is a double-edged sword. As the University has rebuilt its faculty, its campuses and its curriculum, those improvements have underscored other areas in which we now need to invest.

For example: We need to strengthen our engineering and science programs. Educating skilled engineers with strong science backgrounds—to work in the industries of our host city and region—was why we were founded, almost a century ago. If anything, that mission is even more important today. We have begun an ambitious rebuilding of our programs with the construction of the new Engineering & Science University Magnet School (shown in the rendering on this page), but more needs to be done. Our business programs, which in the future will be more closely tied to engineering and science, similarly need investment. Meanwhile, some of our newest and most innovative programs, including cybersecurity, have grown so quickly that they are in danger of outpacing available funds.

Rebuilding, reinforcing and expanding key curricular areas will require a combination of ongoing funding— to jumpstart idea-generation and agenda-setting— and permanent faculty positions.

We seek $42 million for investments in programmatic improvements, including both current-use funds and endowed professorships for faculty recruitment and retention.